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When it hurts too much

posted Apr 11, 2018

Last Friday’s terrible crash at the intersection of two rural roads just northwest of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, has caused many to ponder and pray, perhaps a little more frequently and a little more deeply than we might otherwise have done these days following Easter. The death of 16 young people, including coaches, players, support staff, and the driver of the Humboldt Broncos’ bus, has shocked and shaken many Canadians.

To spend much time focusing on the incredible loss of life is, for some, more than they can manage. This week, at our church Drop In for high school students, several walked past our sanctuary admitting the obvious – “its too painful to even think about”. These students are not any less caring than the rest of us; they are simply being honest about how closely tied together caring and pain are in our lives. To remain open to one is to invite the other. The choice is relatively simple. Either, protect yourself by investing less in caring for others and the pain in their lives, or practice your faith, investing even more than you feel capable of offering, to those who are hurting or struggling in life.

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The Truth of the Matter

posted Mar 6, 2012

“Evangelicals often preach that what the culture needs is absolute truth, but what the culture needs is a church that believes the truth so absolutely it actually lives it out.” 

This quote, from a recent church workshop I attended, on the theme “Looking Around,” rings true in terms of my own experience.  Fewer people, today, seem to be showing up at church, wanting to be told what is true, however, increasing numbers of people come wanting to learn how to truly live. Read more …

A Walk in the Dark

posted Feb 28, 2012

Not long ago I went for a long walk along the streets of downtown Toronto – with about three hundred people. It was a 10km loop that took us through some of the most well known and cared for parts of the city and through some of the most neglected and forgotten places. Read more …