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Articles on "Love"

Risking Love

posted Feb 11, 2015

How’s your love life? Valentines Day gives us all the excuse we need to up our game and act upon our best intentions, which too often sit dormant waiting for “just the right time.” Boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, and romantics of all kinds actually buy the cards, send the flowers and present boxes of chocolates and other signs of affirmation and affection to the people they could have, should have, and would have, if they had simply gotten up the nerve to act on “matters of the heart” sooner. Many even dare to say those three little words, or scribe them on a card – “I love you.” They take the risk. Read more …

How Loving Are We – Really?

posted Apr 22, 2014

There seems to be an emotional high that comes with Easter. Many report experiencing the closeness and joy of God after joining others in the act of worship. Yet just the other day I read the following statements which tell another story: “The church is almost indistinguishable from the world…Our growth in love for God does not necessarily translate into a more mature love for others…Our inability to resolve conflicts maturely remains one of the most pressing problems in our churches.” Pete and Geri Scazzero list these findings, among others, in their book, Emotionally Healthy Skills 2.0. Read more …