“The Miracle of Mercy” Small Group Study

One of the small group options being launched this fall is the video study, THE MIRACLE OF MERCY.

The world portrays God as a God of anger and judgment, yet God shows himself first and foremost as a God of mercy. Mercy is one of the most important things for us to learn about God. It is also one of the most important character traits God wants to develop in us.  Registration and locations for Small groups will be posted soon.

This six week series includes the following topics: The Five Marks of Mercy; Mercy Forgives the Fallen; Helps the Hurting; Is Patient with Difficult People; Is Kind to Enemies; Cares for the Lost.

One option will be Wednesday afternoons at 1:30 pm, beginning October 5. Facilitator: Glen Houghton.

… Plus more small group options to come.


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