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Articles on "The Resurrection"

A Present Tense Reality

posted Mar 23, 2015

There is one song, which for me, more than any other makes Easter worship happen — “Christ the Lord is Risen Today.” Whenever we sing it, the melody and words follow me home from church. The tune and lyrics tumble around in my head and heart late into the day. They prompt me to utter spontaneous prayers of praise to God, and other kinds of prayer – prayers on behalf of others who still struggle in the darkness, who still live unaware of God’s love and concern for them. Read more …

Easter Present and Eternal

posted Apr 18, 2014

It was an amazed, re-energized Mary Magdalene who came running, shouting to an early gathering of confused disciples just three days after the dark happenings of Calvary, “I have seen the Lord!”  Those who lived next door to the resurrection of Christ eagerly communicated the thrill of their experiences to others. Through their testimony the resurrection was being announced to a growing audience; it was showing up in people’s lives, and taking shape within their community. Read more …


posted Mar 30, 2013

As the doors were closed, weeks ago, to seal off Rome’s Sistine Chapel to all, except some 115 cardinals, gathered to elect the new Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, Christians look to One who has the power to open all doors, including a tomb that had been sealed closed by the power of Rome three days earlier. Read more …