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posted Mar 30, 2013

As the doors were closed, weeks ago, to seal off Rome’s Sistine Chapel to all, except some 115 cardinals, gathered to elect the new Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, Christians look to One who has the power to open … (more)

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Which Way to Christmas?

posted Dec 11, 2012

This time every year one question is asked a lot - “Are you ready for Christmas?” I think there’s a better question we should be asking ourselves and those we love: ”Do you know where you’re going for Christmas?” I don’t mean do you know the street address or which relatives you’ll be … (more)

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When the Unexpected breaks In

posted Aug 15, 2012

I went to see a movie recently and found my usually relaxed approach to what would come next jarringly different from anything I had prepared for. I found myself making a mental note of the exits and watching the front of the theatre for any … (more)

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Can’t wait, but getting ready

posted May 19, 2012

Can’t wait to get there! We’re getting our gear together and watching the weather forecast, hoping for a great day. The excitement has been building since we made the decision. We’re heading down to watch the Jays play the Mets … (more)

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