Craig Rumble

Easter Present and Eternal

posted Apr 18, 2014

It was an amazed, re-energized Mary Magdalene who came running, shouting to an early gathering of confused disciples just three days after the dark happenings of Calvary, “I have seen the Lord!”  Those who lived next door to the resurrection of Christ eagerly communicated the thrill of their experiences to others. Through their testimony the resurrection was being announced to a growing audience; it was showing up in people’s lives, and taking shape within their community. (more…)

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Storm Warning

posted Feb 1, 2014

Right now I’m looking out the window of my study while preparing for Sunday morning.  A beautiful blanket of snow covers the ground. It has been snowing for several hours. A change, however, is on its way. Local weather forecasters are announcing a winter “storm warning”.   (more…)

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Young People and Worship

posted Aug 12, 2013

I love the energy that young people bring to worship! This past Sunday we had an amazing worship experience attended by many of the 70 plus youth and children who are now away at Camp Kwasind for the week.  Our prayers surround them as they continue discovering and deepening their relationships with Christ and with one another.

What is it that young people bring to the experience of worshipping God that we might miss out on without them? (more…)

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What do you Believe about Forgiveness?

posted Apr 15, 2013

“What would I believe if I didn’t believe anything?”  Great question – great book, by Kent Ira Groff.  Among the many stories Groff tells, to put us in touch with what it means to embrace the spiritual life, is one about a chaplain who was asked by a prison inmate to connect with the pastor of the church he had burglarized to seek the church’s forgiveness.  The chaplain made the phone call.  The pastor answered, his official board would have to vote on the matter. (more…)

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