Markham Baptist Church

Ready for Easter?

posted Apr 13, 2017

Easter is coming! Perhaps it is surprising you too with its approach and position on the horizon of the week before us. Some surprises in life can be wonderfully enjoyed without any preparation. The big things in life, however, the significant moments which help mold our character and remind us of who we are as persons, when we look back upon them, are the kind for which we may want to prepare. Easter is one of those days. It is a big day! It reminds us of who we are as Christ’s Church. As well, the historical happenings of Easter also infuse the present with an invitation to faith, for those who are on that path.

On the day we call “Palm Sunday” the gathering crowd waved palms and placed them along the road leading into the city of Jerusalem, as if in honour of a person of expected high political or religious standing. They didn’t know the half of it. The half they knew was the celebration before them. The half they had no idea of was what would take place beyond that one day.

Jesus was not only entering the city, he was hoping to enter their lives through the events of the coming week. The path into the city that Palm Sunday, and the path out of the city the next Friday, would evoke two very different emotions and responses from the gathered crowds. Another path would lead to and from the tomb in which they placed Jesus’ body. And those who would find themselves on that path would discover the greatest surprise and joy of their lives.

Don’t be caught by surprise or miss the celebrations of Easter. Invite a friend to share the joyful news of Christ’s resurrection and the new life that is offered to each one of us. Perhaps there’s a path on which God is planning to meet you in a new way.